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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by spikemic, Apr 12, 2003.

  1. got this running on all my test machines. very nice, seems Microsoft put alittle more thought into it this time. nothing loads by default and everything not needed is stripped or disabled.
    always wondered why sound, browser,media player, games and all that crap showed up in 2000 server, who needs that on a server? used to have to tweak to get the games out of 2000 pro.

    anyway look forward to taking it for a spin and rolling my servers over to it. guess exchange2003 is the next one to tackle........:rolleyes:
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    yeah. Server 2003 is rock solid and very stable. It is lightening fast aswell.
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    So I guess that means it is not very suitable for gamers?
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    nah server software never is.

    must be linux then :rolleyes:
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    read that then the forums 2003 works grate for games :)

    i use it as a workstation its faster then xp ever was for me and one hell of alot more stable

    oh and if ya need help with 2003 just ask on neowin if its about workstation 2003 just be readdy for a few people to give ya a little **** about using it as a workstation :)

    oh and server stuff works fine for games i use to run server 2000 as my desktop os becouse i also had it running as the main server when ever i went to a lan party :)

    fun fun fun :D