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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by tinkerlock, Jun 1, 2002.

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    In Win98 I was able to do double-sided (or duplex or book) printing with my HP Deskjet 722C printer.

    Now I'm running WinXP with the same printer, but that feature is not there. Adobe Acrobat Reader and NoteTab Light allow duplex printing, but MS Works and Internet Explorer do not. The latter two are the programs I'd like to be able to do duplex printing from the most.

    I called HP. They said that duplex printing is just not supported for my printer model in WinXP. That answer aggravates me; if there was a way to do it in Win98, there should be a way to do it from WinXP.

    Also, I went to www.driverguide.com and www.drivershq.com to look for a better or different driver but that didn't help.

    I would welcome any solution: a small freeware print-controller utility? A better driver for my printer?

    Thanks. Dan.
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    If HP says it can't be done in Windows XP, then that's what they mean. HP may be having a difficult time converting their software to allow duplexing in Windows XP (due to the new printing protocols).
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    many thanks

    Reg - thanks for the information and AmarSingh - THANKS for the link. I think FinePrint is exactly the answer I need! Although it would be nice if it was free, still, the price is not too bad. I was looking into another option - Macro Angel, a program that allows you to creat all sorts of macros. There might be some way to do duplex printing with Macro Angel, but I'm sure FinePrint is much easier.