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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Punkychan, Jan 21, 2003.

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    I've been trying to fix a third monitor on my pC >check specs *
    1.1 Celeron
    512 Mb Ram
    40 Gb HD
    Intel 810 Chipsets
    Win XP Pro
    PCI TNT2 nVidia 64Mb PCI
    Intel onboard video
    My primary is hooked onto a PCI TNT 64 Mb
    The secondary is hooked onto the onboard Intel >>
    been working nice past couple of months.I want to hook another monitor (3rd) to another PCI ATI Pro Rage Turbo.But it's not recognised by XP.Upon checking the device manager, first there was an exclaimation mark on it.Updated the ATI driver, and now no more exclaimation mark but still the 3rd monitor isn't working.How do I get this to work ?Help please.
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    If your primary Vid Card was a dual Head card then maybe it could work. I don't think that having a primary Vid Card, onboard Vid Chipset and then another PCI Vid Card can work together.

    But with a dual Monitor Vid Card and the onboard Vid Chipset, it could work.

    Other more knowledgable advise will follow... stick around. :cool:
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    Thanks for the reply.That's what everyone said in some other forums...anyway..I'll stick out and check but on going through some multi monitors website e.g.ultramon...some have even installed 2 PCIs and an AGP...I wonder how that works...Thanks
  4. some card drivers i believe will not let it load twice for two alike cards, some will. depends on the driver.
    yes a dual head card and onboard will work. have done it with a g400 and g450 matrox. also i even have a matrox g100 mms and now a g200 mms quad head card in an Intel board which has onboard video and they have worked (could have 5 but disabled onboard because 4 is enough;) )

    windows supports 10 so you could take two quad head PCI cards and one dual AGP card and have all 10 on one computer....weeeeeeeeee a video wall of your own.:eek: seen that once, very nice