2 Partion into one, how

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mick_au, Dec 21, 2001.

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    G'day I have 2 Partion and i would like to know how to get it back to one Partion. Any help will be appreciated thankyou.
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    fdisk or partition magic. If you're not concerned about losing all the data on the drive, then just use the fdisk utility on a win98 boot disk. If you want to merge them and NOT lose data, you'll need a copy of PowerQuest's Partition magic.
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    Well, if you want you can...

    With Windows XP it had many new Hard-drive tools that can help or hinder your computer's performance etc..
    but you can if you want convert your hard drive into Dynamic Disk, which will enable you to "Mount" on partition on top of the other.
    To do this you open "compmgmt.msc" and goto Disk Managment. It is Very important that you have administrator access and then you should see Basic disk and you go to convert to dynamic disk as shown and then go and mount the partitions together.
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    If you want to keep all the data, you need 3rd party utils like Partition Magic. If not, just reinstall XP, and repartition from XP's setup

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    Re: Well, if you want you can...

    Erm, no he cant, he has xp home not pro

    Use partition magic
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    Thank you i will try them and let you know how i went plus i have the pro xp. Thanx again i appreciated.