17" or 19" LCD Monitor?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by vuronev, Jun 8, 2004.

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    I'm planning on upgrading from my Samsung 19" CRT monitor to an LCD screen.

    I'm trying to decide between a 19" or 17" LCD.

    My main concern is that I've read that some of the bigger LCDs around 19" don't do games very well and that ghosting due to lower response times are a problem.

    I do a good amount of work on my computer, but I also do a pretty good amount of gaming, mostly Battlefield: Vietnam and Madden among others, and I don't want to feel like I spent the extra cash for a new monitor that works worse than the one I had before when I'm gaming.

    Anyhow, the 17" LCDs i've been looking at have response times of 18ms or less while the 19" LCDs seem to average about 25ms. Is a 25ms response times acceptable? Will it seriously affect the quality of the images when gaming?

    I would prefer the extra 2", and cost isn't really a major issue, but I'd be willing to go with a17" if the 19" 's gaming quality is significantly inferior.

    Anyhow, anyone got any info or advice? I know this is the vidcard section, but I figured this is the best place to get the good info.

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    Go with the
    DELL UltraSharp 1703FP 17-inch Flat Panel LCD
    I got mine a few months ago and Its super clear and sharp

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    25ms isn't very good for games. But even with an 18ms it will depend on the monitor! The manufacturers all rate them a little differently. The only advice I can give on displays is to try it before you buy it.

    You might also consider an 18 inch LCD. I saw one somewhere, but the manufacturer escapes me right now. LCDs are actually an inch bigger than an equivalent size monitor.

    We have some 17 inch LCDs at work and they suck! Granularity is extremely irritating and fatiguing. Let me repeat. TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT.

    Also, forget LCDs for graphics work. The colorspace they can represent is significantly smaller than a CRT monitor.
  4. RagnaroK

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    Also remember that LCDs run at native resolutions, so buy an LCD that your graphics card is able to handle and run well (this applies especially for games). It really no use buying a 21" LCD for a GeForce 2, unless you like blurry graphics. :p
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    you should look reviews for the monitors you are looking to buy, they usually state if there is ghosting or not. 25 ms is sometimes good, sometimes isnt. I had an old 17" LCD that didnt even state the response time (so it was probably more than 30ms) and i didnt notice ghosting. But then again i didnt know of ghosting at the time so i wasnt really looking out for it. Now i got one with 15ms and there is none at all.

    One thing also to look out for is the number of colours that the lcds display. Taking Samsung as an example again, their 172N shows 16.2 million colours (it usues like some interpolation or something) and the 192N shows 16.7 million as it uses some newer technology.

    Some sites also say that using DVI rather than an analog connection reduces ghosting, so id go for an lcd with a digital connector.
  6. Lee

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    16 inches, 15.1 visible and buy one of those adaptors so you can make the screen massive on the wall, then well you will be in the thick of the action literally!
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    A guide and a recommended (not mine!)

    Here is a guide I just came across on Neowin....

    also found in a thread they were recommending Samsung 172-X as being a good gamers choice.

    Hope this is useful - happy shopping!
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    Samsung 172-X is definitely one of the only LCDs you'd want to consider if you like your computer heavy on the gaming. A friend of mine that owns a local computer shop got a unit ... and it was just great. You'd be hardpressed to get 12ms on any LCD.
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    19 inch LCD's are hard to get in resolutions higher then 1280x1024, which is aweful for a 19 inch screen. I wouldn't suggest getting a 17 inch either if you don't want to kill yourself. I use a 19 inch at work and only have 17 inch at home, and it now feels like a 15 inch, it sucks.