16 Things That Annoy

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    16 Things That Annoy

    1. Trying on sunglasses with the tag still attached to the bridge.

    2. The person behind you in the supermarket who keeps running their cart
    into the back of your ankle.

    3. The way everyone drives slower when you're in a hurry.

    4. The way everyone drives right on your bumper when you slow down to look
    for an address.

    5. You open a can of soup - or anything, really - and the lid falls in to

    6. Finding out you stepped in dog poop ... AFTER you've walked across your

    7. Drinking from a soda can you thought was yours only to discover someone
    had extinguished their cigarette in it.

    8. Slicing your tongue licking an envelope.

    9. The tire gauge that lets out half the air in your tire while you're
    trying to get a reading.

    10. Televisions or radios that come in brilliantly while you tune them
    then fade to snow and tatic as you walk away.

    11. Realizing you never washed that bright red shirt by itself before ...
    after everything else in the load comes out pink.

    12. Setting your alarm clock for p.m. instead of a.m.

    13. A fantastic song on the radio and the DJ doesn't tell you who it is.

    14. Having to say to five different salespeople, "No thanks, I'm just

    15. You reach under a table to pick something up and whack your head
    coming back up.

    16. The candy bar or bag of chips that gets stuck on the rotating clip in
    a vending machine.
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    Hehe, so true :)
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    The guy infront of you at the airport metal detector that can't figure out that keys, change, belt buckles, etc are all made out of metal.