1280x1024x32 at 85Hz.

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by donkey, Jul 14, 2002.

  1. donkey

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    Just got a few questions concerning refresh rates again...

    1. In refresh locks configuration, the fastest safe frequency for the resolution 1280x1024x32 is 60Hz. If I set this to always run at 85Hz, can this do any harm or does it just force 85Hz and improve the refresh rate?

    2. What the highest Hz I can go to in that resolution or is there no high value. Just test and see.

    3. Does anyone know how to fix screen tears during games. It's like the screen tears and separates.

  2. Iceman

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    Refresh Rates have everything to do with your monitor, so if your monitor can handle it, go for it.

  3. how do you know if you monitor could handle it, i got a 21" sony trinitron
  4. Doom

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    Go to display properties,settings, advanced,moniter then see what refresh rate you get
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    Make sure you install monitor drivers. If you install Drivers for your monitor, that is how XP knows its maximums

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    Resoloution and refresh

    I run the same numbers and refresh on a 21" Sony Multiscan E540. Shaun
  7. donkey

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    In my monitor settings, I have 85Hz as a safe frequency. What are the risks of locking the refresh rate at over 85Hz?

    Do monitor drivers get updated?
  8. Friend of Bill

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    If you got a 21" Trinitron it can handle 85Hz. Also, if you set refresh rate higher than monitor can handle, when Windows boots you will get a monitor error and the screen will remain black (or to be politically correct - blank).
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    Yes, Snook is right about that...always take your own monitor to a LAN party, even if the host says he has one you can use...it is very painful to get there with just your box and find out that it refreshes to fast...
  10. donkey

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    I got a 17" monitor. It's only 3 weeks old so it's fairly new.