10/100 Network speed slowdown

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by xcalibur, Feb 1, 2003.

  1. xcalibur

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    I've set up a network of 6 computers with a 7th on the way. I'm running a 10/100 network, yet it is running at 10Mbps. The switch is 10/100, the NICs are 10/100. Each computer specs are identical and running Windows 2000. Maybe I'm answering my own question, but would one of the cables (~300ft in length) be suspected in casing this slowdown?

  2. sdibias

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    Are you using CAT5 cable? Make sure your cable is rated for 100BaseT as opposed to 10BaseT. The switch should have a way to swich between 10 and 100 Mbps, you may want to look into that as well. Also, the maximum cable length for CAT5 is 100 Meters and is equivelant to about 300Ft (I think). This should not be bringing you down to a measley 10Mbps for all nodes though.
  3. sdibias

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    What kind of switch are you using?
  4. Zedric

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    Make sure the computers are set to use the full 100Mbps capability. Does the switch indicate 10Mbit hosts connected as well?
  5. xcalibur

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    Yes, I'm using cat5, and they're all connected using a Dlink DSS-8+ switch. I don't think there's a physical option to change it from 10Mbps to 100.

    When I check the network connections, it says it running at 10Mbps.

    Thank you so much for giving this matter the attention you have! I greatly appreciate it.

  6. XeoNoX

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    Go into device manager and double click your networking adapters and then make sure it isnt on AUTO, if it is change it to 100.
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    ya you are ok in the length, 100M is ~328 ft.

    Even then it is not life then death at 101M, you should be ok with that.

    other than that, it should 'just work' as long as the clients are set to 100mbps/full duplex. And even then, each node can be set different without affecting another node's settings.

    Are you using intergrated ethernet or PCI cards?
  8. xcalibur

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    Each machine is using integrated. They're used in a convenience stores as POS (Point of Sales) systems. I've set up another place with the exact same setup minus the switch.

    I started using a Surecom 10Mbps at the first place and noticed a significant lag when the machines updated each other (inventory, sales, etc.). So I upgraded to a 10/100 switch and worked like a charm.

    Now I'm noticing the same lag at the second store WITH at 10/100 Dlink switch. It's very frustrating.

    I'm quite the distance away from the store at this instant, but will get a worker to check into some settings for me.

    Thanks for all the help and suggestions...keep 'em coming if you can :)