1.4 ghz Athlon and Asus A7V133

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by motordude, Feb 10, 2002.

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    Anyone here running a 1.4 Athlon on an A7V133? I just upgraded from a 1 ghz to a 1.4 and I cant get it to reboot @ 1.4 . If I powerdown then restart it will post fine and boot the rest of the way up. But as far as using the restart option in XP or windows for that matter, it wont post. Im looking at the board because my 1 ghz I could OC to a very stable 1.33 but that was it, wouldn't post any higher. Well it just so happens that is the same speed which I can "restart" at. Im using bios ver. 1007, any suggestions??
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    I am operating at 1.53GHz with my Asus A7V133 board (this is my second one). The previous one for some reason would not want to work at 1.4GHz with 266fsb. So I sent it back to Asus and got a new one. And it works fine. I would blame it on the MoBo in your situation.

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    How big of a PSU you got?
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    I have a 300W AMD recommended DEER Brand Power Supply