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Default Goodbye XP

Just thought I'd give a shout out since today is the last day that XP is officially supported. I know many, if not all, of us came here in the days because of issues with XP. I know I wound up here after first trying to install the infamous Devil's Own version back in Sept 2001 before RTM. It's been a fun ride even though I converted my last XP box (a netbook) to Windows 7 at least a year ago.

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Default Re: Goodbye XP

I wonder if the "demise" of XP support that folks having issues or whatever may start showing up here and other places looking for help. Well we can say M$ had a very successful version of Windows with XP, may it rest in whatever

Well its the last public updates, some governments and corporations are paying an insane amount of money to get another year of patches, so there is always the chance those leak.
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Default Re: Goodbye XP

Almost all of the ATM's run on XP.

I was dual booting xp/7 pro and now dual boot XP/8.1 pro.

I have programs that I need that will not run on 7 or 8.
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Default Re: Goodbye XP

Yup, half sad to see XP go, it is afterall why this site began and was such a huge change from Windows 98 that many sites cropped up to help users get up and running.

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