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The WindowsXP x64 Experience

Posted April 8th, 2005 at 7:42am by Electronic Punk (Electronic Blog)

WindowsXP x64 eh? Oh go on then, letís give it a go. Whatís the worst that could happen? If I format now I will be back up and running in around half an hour.

After the usual preparations - saving my documents, favourites to another partition, backing up a years worth of mail to what looks like a freakishly small .pst and anything I thought I might be able to salvage from my Program Files folder - I was ready to say goodbye to WindowsXP and the world of 32bit Operating Systems. Of course I am well accustomed to installing Windows so made sure I had as many drivers as possible available for that first boot into WindowsXP x64.

Due to a series of tragic efforts by me, installing Windows these days is not an easy task. Firstly, about a year ago as part of my mission to have a fantastic looking custom case I removed the floppy drive and to prove my dedication I also cut the floppy cable from the power supply but then who uses a floppy these days? SATA users would be...
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