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First CES update

Posted January 8th, 2007 at 2:34am by Electronic Punk

I had to think about what day it actually was. Tom Warren and I arrived in Vegas at around 2pm local time, after a quick eleven hour flight, we were at the hotel by 4pm and at the bar by 20 past. We met up with everyone and got comfortably drunk, I wimped out at about 8:30pm to get some kip waking up the next day at around 5am - not so bad.

Before CES begins I have been attending a Vista RTM lab, covering a wide variety of topics many of which will I really can't talk about until after Bill Gates' keynote speech tonight. One of the topics we will be discussing today is Ultimate Extras, I have seen more than what the public and the testers know so far, but again - I can't talk about it!

Last night we had dinner and a show, by the time we went in it was 4am UK time and I was just about ready to go to a nightclub. I know Mary-Jo Foley was impressed by my moves. We went to Tony and Tina's wedding, which was certainly an interesting concept, basically dinner accompanied with an improvised Italian wedding. Very strange. There may have been some dancing:

This morning we were up quite early catching a coach over to the Microsoft Partner Pavillion, we saw alot more stuff we can't talk about (even if I had head Crysis will be playable on the floor tomorrow, I wouldn't be able to talk about it), I will disclose more later, after Bill's keynote.

Bill, of course we are on first name terms now as he rocked up to the Pavillion at around 9:30, so I shook his hand! Woo! He then proceeded to talk about the future of Windows, it was quite something to see how clued-in he still was, especially as he will be moving further and further away from this beginning next year. Tom was going to ask him if "You will ever need more than 4 gigs of RAM". Sadly he bottled it, you get one change to ask that kind of legenedary question and he couldn't do it.

The show starts tomorrow and I sucessfully managed to get myself registered as a member of the press, so I join that elite group who could never be swayed by recieving Acer Ferraris.

Sadly mine is knackered, only half the keys seem to be working so I will be getting it swapped over while I am out here. I had only noticed the windows key wasn't working, but I don't have the bottom left side and it seems that is needed quite alot.

Tonight I will be attending a HP party at Pure night club at Caesars Palace, so will once again be strutting my funky stuff. I am really hoping they play house music. Please don't play cheesy disco, I don't think I could take it!

Current gambling status: Down about 2 dollars from video poker. No real gambling yet.
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