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HP Technology@Work, Madrid

Posted May 4th, 2011 at 2:34pm by Electronic Punk

Firstly I would like to thank both Hewlett Packard and Ivy Worldwide for getting me out here and helping me avoid going to work for nearly two weeks. (Partial credit to Prince William too)

So I landed in Madrid late last night, utterly failing my mission of going paperless having waved my phone at the parking attendants and check-in clerks and receiving a handful of papers back instead. At least I tried to be green.

I arrived a little late for the casual dinner with the other attendees so I decided to eat in the hotel bar picking out the only item I recognised a cheeseburger, I hope to sample other Spanish delicacies in the coming days.

I am here with these fellow bloggers: @paulmiller @martinmacleod @hvredevoort and @HPConvergeIT

Today is considered the business day and started at 10am with the HP keynote covering whats HP has been doing to push their converged technology forwards and a few real examples of where it had been deployed. I am looking forward to learning a little more about the BladeSystem Matrix, so will blog a little more on that when I do. This was followed by some words by Richard Curran from Intel talking about roadmaps and notably once again refuting the claim that Itanium was dead. (An effort by Oracle to make their customers switch to their own Sparx systems apparently), but we shall see.

I have also attended a break out session on how the rules of networking had changed, talking about TippingPoint (acquired by HP after 3com acquired TippingPoint themselves) and how switching to a single vendor could both drastically reduce both incompatibility and cost. I am quite interested in TippingPoint so I am hoping to learn a little more about that as well during my time here.

Later this afternoon I will be getting an exhibition tour as well as recording a podcast, which is scary but we will see how it goes, if I can thing of one intelligent thing to say then it has been a good day.

I'll be posting updates mostly via my Twitter account so if you want to see me posting almost technical tweets for at least two days be sure to keep tabs on it:!/electronicpunk
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