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Another tropical fish blog

Posted July 28th, 2009 at 1:59am by Electronic Punk

If you have been waiting for more information on my fish tank, then tonight your dreams will become true. To everyone else, I have fish. Obviously the meer existence of such a blog means I am avoiding doing something else, but I promise I will do that next! You are not the boss of me!

So firstly I am sad to report some deaths in the community! One of the algae eaters and both Firemouths died sadly, I think the firemouths were rather prone to infections and although I tried my best, they seemed to get weak and die. It was at different times and the second clearly had an infection which seemed to be going away after treatment but it suddenly became very clear I would be removing it from the tank the following morning.

I didn't buy any new fish for quite some time, last week actually. The remaining fish are getting quite big so I was very hesistant to put more in - there is plenty of room but you alwas want to give them their space especially when they are larger.

Although I rearrange the tank a little when I clean it I try to keep various things in play such as plenty of places to hide, I have added a funky bubble column as I got angry and broke the last one on some gravel. The current plants finally seem to be lasting longer as well and not eaten so much which is nice as replacing them every two weeks was becoming a pain!

Some of the existing fish that I didn't get to capture last night are on the right.

The first photo is one I can only remember as Tricactus something and he has really started getting more interesting over the last few weeks. Previously it would only make an appearance as night and at feeding time - I was starting to think it couldn't swim and could only bounce along the bottom but recently it has been all over the place really showing off how damn ugly and yet beautiful it is with its golden fins.

The second photo is showing one of the two Synodontis, I love these fish and one of the two was from my previous small tank. The two of them together only care about each other and none of the other fish and can often be found chasing each other around or playing in the same area of the tank. The second one I purchased was the same size as the first and they have both grown noticeably since I furst got them.

I got a new oscar to go with the other smaller oscar as they seem to pair up nicely when they are not fighting ,it worked out being the same size so that was good, I didn't measure the other one or anything but it is very hard to tell when you are down at the store.

In another effort to reduce fighting I also got another large fish, this time a red parrot fish (yet another cichlid) and it worked great because rather than fighting the oscars were far more intereste in staying away from it.

I would still say the parrot fish is in charge of the tank, but I suspect it won't be long before the oscars realise that it isn't actually capable of biting and they are, but at the moment the headbutt it dishes out is enough to chase them away and it doesn't damage either of the parties involved.

You can see the parrot fish in the third photo to the right and in the fourth photo one of the smaller oscars running away from the parrot fish for no reason.

There is another fish in there as well, eats algae and has a ball just doing its own thing, I forgot about it when taking photos so it wasn't out and about so perhaps we shall see it in the next exciting fish blog.
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